Visualization and control of enterprise energy consumption at the PARAMO company

Paramo specializes in the processing of petroleum into refinery and asphalt products and in the production of lubricating and process oils, including any follow-up and auxiliary products. In addition to that, the company purchases and processes oil hydrogenates and hydrocrackates produced by Unipetrol RPA. The intermediate products obtained are used by the company in the production of base and lubricating oils with a very low sulfur content.


Energy consumption data capture system

In 2005, a new energy consumption data capture and efficiency evaluation system was installed at Paramo. The original measuring stations were supplemented with new devices designed to monitor energy consumption. Data from these devices is read at regular intervals and then stored on the newly installed central server.

Control system

To control and visualize energy consumption, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system has been installed. Reliance is present on the central server, which is used to acquire data from the measuring devices, as well as on PCs in the boiler control room and the generator control room. Subsequently, the historical operating data is used to evaluate the efficiency of each production providing feedback to optimize energy consumption.

Examples of visualization windows

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