Visualization and control of the power unit processes at
a small biomass power plant in the town of Kolin

February 11, 2014 | Reliance SCADA

Between the years 2010 and 2013, the construction of an oil mill and a small biomass power plant was carried out near the train station in Kolin. They are two plants interconnected in
a technologically smart way, which focus on the production of vegetable oils from rapeseeds and sunflower seeds and on the production of electricity and heat in the so-called cogeneration unit. Press cakes (biomass) from oilseed processing are burned in the cogeneration unit.

Control system

The installed system is designed to control and monitor the power unit, which consists of a 25t/h steam boiler for burning biomass and a 6.3MW steam turbine.

To control the boiler, five Teco PLCs are used (1 x Tecomat TC700 and 4 x Tecomat Foxtrot). The steam turbine is controlled by a Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 PLC. Communication with this PLC is realized via an OPC server by DELTALOGIC.

To visualize and control the processes of combustion and heat/electric power production in the power unit, six workstations (standard PCs equipped with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system) have been installed in the main control room. The entire system is interconnected via Ethernet. This allows accessing individual controllers, servers, and workstations from remote locations. The power unit processes can also be remotely controlled over the Internet using Reliance's Web client, or they can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone via Reliance 4 Smart Client. Thanks to the use of two servers and support for redundancy, the entire system is very reliable and there is no chance of process data loss.

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Small biomass power plant, Kolin