Visualization and control of the Aktül Kağıt paper mill's energy systems

November 27, 2017 | Reliance SCADA

The Turkish company Aktül Kağıt, a group member of Yıldız Holding, started to produce tissue paper from 100% virgin wood pulp in September 2011 using – for the first time in Turkey's tissue paper industry – Viscosoft Technology (named after ViscoNip – its original name). This technology ensures that the tissue is softer and bulkier.

Control system

In 2016, a system for the visualization and control of the Aktül Kağıt paper mill's energy systems was implemented by Halıcı Elektronik. For this purpose, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system and ABB's protection relays and energy analyzers are used.

Reliance SCADA allows operating the breaker more quickly and tracing the quality of energy back through its history. Daily, monthly, and yearly energy-consumption reports are automatically generated in Excel files. In addition, this data is transferred to the SAP system via the OPC server for billing purposes.

The data (breaker position information, measured values, faults and alarms) of 20 medium voltage cells is read by the Modbus RTU protocol over the protection relays. The data of 54 power supply lines is read by the Modbus RTU protocol via the energy analyzers. These devices are connected to the computer equipped with Reliance SCADA through the Korenix JetPort serial device server over Ethernet.

The Reliance SCADA system provides:

  • 34.5kV medium voltage feeders monitoring
  • 0.4kV low voltage feeders monitoring
  • Switchgear-fault monitoring and recording
  • Natural gas–consumption monitoring and reporting
  • Energy-quality monitoring trend analysis
  • Energy-consumption reports (daily, monthly, yearly)

Examples of visualization windows

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