Visualization and control of the Liben flood barrier in Prague

In early 1997, it was decided to build a flood barrier on the Vltava river, which runs through Prague. In 2004, two years after the devastating flood that swept through Prague, the implementation of the flood barrier was undertaken, built in the Liben docks on the Vltava river. It was finished one year later, in 2005. The Liben flood barrier dams the mouth of the Rokytka creek. The gates of the dam can be closed to protect the capital against flooding. If this situation occurs, six powerful water pumps take the overflow water from the Liben docks and the creek Rokytka back into the backwater of the Vltava.

The Reliance SCADA/HMI system has been implemented in the Liben docks to reliably control the flood barrier.

The flood barrier's control system consists of

  • Five Siemens SIMATIC S-300 PLCs, which provide control of all automatic, lock-out, and protective features
  • Two industrial computers, which provide control of the filling stations and save and transfer data to the Reliance system
  • Control panels installed on the flood gate
  • One SMS driver, which enables sending information via text messages to any cell phone

Future plans include connecting the control system of the Liben flood barrier to the integrated system of the Vltava river basin, water main and sewage systems of the city of Prague, and Prague's crisis center.

Pictures from the construction of the flood barrier in the Liben docks

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Liben flood barrier, Prague

Liben Flood Barrier in Prague