Visualization and control of incubation processes in hatcheries

HatchTech is a Dutch company providing professional solutions for hatcheries. Its guiding principle is to provide increasingly superior chick quality, which forms the foundation of the company's culture and practices – from research and development, product and project engineering to customer service.

Hatching process

In the late 1990s, HatchTech recognized an extremely important relation between embryo temperature and the optimal incubation conditions that lead to higher standards of chick quality. Working from this insight, HatchTech developed a completely new incubation method that gives maximum control over the incubation conditions. The result is the revolutionary MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers that make use of the patented Laminar Airflow technology. Within just a decade, these innovative products have made HatchTech a market leader for incubation equipment worldwide.


Control system

HatchTech provides installation of its own complete solution. From MicroClimer Setters through Hatchers and Travellers to HVAC systems. Their solution ensures ideal environmental conditions during the incubation and hatching processes for every hatchery. In addition to the hatchery equipment, a control system is installed. To control the incubation and hatching processes, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are used.

Another part of the HatchTech's solution for hatcheries is the installation of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system, which was chosen by HatchTech for its state-of-the-art features, reliability, and outstanding technical support. The Reliance system is installed on the control computer to provide visualization and control of the hatching process.

The Reliance system allows the operating personnel to visualize and control:

  • Incubator cell filling ratio
  • Optimal temperature in the incubators during the hatching process
  • Water temperature in radiators
  • Airflow in the incubators using electric fans

The Reliance system is also used to export selected process data to a file in the XLS format (Microsoft Excel). This file is used as the source for creating reports in an external application.

HatchTech have already installed their solution in many hatcheries in about 20 countries worldwide. For example, their system was installed at:

Examples of visualization windows

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