Visualization and control of the food drying process at the MAPES company plant

MAPES specializes in the production and sale of dry dog food. The company was founded in 1990 and began the production of feed in its original plant. In 1993, a new building was built and all production and drying technology were moved there. Today, MAPES is among the top producers and sellers of quality dry food. Their products are preferred not only by Czech breeders, but also internationally, where the company distributes a wide selection of products.

Control system

The air-conditioning control system provided for the food drying process consists of an operator PC fitted with the Reliance 3 SCADA/HMI system.

The control processor directs four valves with Belimo actuators, four fans, and six Sahara coil heaters. Drying is performed in two chambers. The control system handles the automatic operation of drying, control of the sterilizing and maintenance cycles with temperature control in the drying chambers and humidity control in the final stage chamber. The processor also handles the automatic renewal of system states in the event of a power failure, without operator intervention.

The Reliance 3 SCADA system is used to control individual fittings in manual mode, set drying parameters, save system values, and create protocols for each drying cycle.

Example of a visualization window

Visualization of the food drying process

Visualization of the food drying process

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