Visualization and control of the experimental process of the MELILOO thermohydraulic loop at the Institute of Nuclear Research in the village of Rez

May 4, 2015 | Reliance SCADA

MELILOO (which stands for Metal Liquid Loop) is an experimental device intended for the examination of the circulation of the liquid eutectic Pb-17Li (i.e., liquid metal consisting of 83 % of lead (Pb) and 17 % of lithium (Li)) and for the study of its application as the coolant in the ITER tokamak nuclear fusion reactor's TBM (Test Blanket Module) section.

The MELILOO loop is used to experimentally verify the methods of Pb-17Li liquid eutectic alloy purification. The process of purification is aimed at removing corrosion products.

The Pb-17Li eutectic alloy is envisioned for use in TBM for the purpose of tritium transport from the breeding section to the Tritium Extraction Unit (TEU), a special device that removes tritium gas from the liquid eutectic for further processing. As part of the project for the development of cooling technologies with liquid metals, the corrosion products are fed into the MELILOO loop and collected in the so-called cold trap. The efficiency of the trap is monitored.


The Reliance SCADA/HMI system is used to visualize and control the experimental process of the MELILOO loop. Data from the control system (Unitronics V560 and I/O modules) is logged and exported for further analysis.

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