Visualization and control of concrete batching plants at ELKON

October 23, 2017 | Reliance SCADA

ELKON is Turkey's largest manufacturer of concrete batching plants and, based on the annual production and sales numbers, one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.

Control system

In 2016–2017, Halıcı Elektronik implemented a system for the visualization and control of ELKON's concrete batching plants. It consists of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system and an ABB PM556-TP-ETH PLC.

The Reliance SCADA system allows, for example, selecting plant types and models, registering vehicles and companies, creating reports (inventory, production, dispatch, sales). For this purpose, a plant configuration wizard is available in Reliance.

Among other things, Reliance SCADA is used for the monitoring of:

  • Control panel
  • Company, vehicle, driver, and site information
  • Order entries and production plan creation
  • Sales and dispatch planning
  • Automatic and manual production

Using the CODESYS OPC Server, the data collected from the PLC (mixer motor, instrument, and covering values) is transmitted to the Reliance SCADA system and the information from the plant configuration wizard is transmitted to the ABB PLC. The PLC automatically identifies and operates the working scenario in accordance with this information.

It is planned that many different concrete batching plants will be visualized and controlled by Reliance in the future.

Examples of visualization windows

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ELKON's concrete batching plant