Visualization and control of the Black Sea Terminal oil depot, Georgia

Black Sea Terminal is an oil depot located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea near the Georgian seaport of Poti. The terminal is designated for the transshipment of oil derivatives (fuel oil, diesel oil, and mazut), which are transported by railroad from Azerbaijan.

Within the terminal area, there are 16 storage tanks with the capacity of 320,000 m³ on three piers with three filling terminals used for loading operations. Depending on the vessel, the loading performance is from 1,000 to 8,000 m³/h. The total annual processing capacity of the terminal is 10 million tons (3 million tons of fuel oil, 3 million tons of diesel oil, and 4 million tons of mazut). SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic), the operator of the terminal, is planning to increase the capacity up to 20 million tons per year. The terminal also incorporates
a train station where up to 180 tank cars are used for transshipping the oil products.

Control system

In 2006, a complete control system for the oil depot was supplied by the Teco company. The control system consists of 17 data nodes that are interconnected with an optical network. All data nodes are directed to the main control room equipped with two control PCs. Each computer has two monitors to clearly display individual visualized processes. The control and visualization system was implemented by Kontur Avtomatika.

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