Visualization and control of the heating and lighting systems at the Viladomy Gemini apartment complex in the city of Ostrava

Viladomy Gemini is an apartment complex located in Nova Bela, one of Ostrava's city districts, outside the city center with good transport links. The complex provides its residents with a high-quality and quiet living environment and a beautiful view of the Moravian-Silesian Beskids.

A photo of the kitchen taken from the staircase

A photo of the kitchen taken from the staircase

Technoglobal.CZ, the project's systems integrator, was responsible for the installation of the distribution wiring (heavy current, light current, CCTV). The application software for a CU2-01M central unit, a license for the Reliance 4 SCADA system, and the visualization project were supplied by the GEOVAP company.

A photo of the living room

A photo of the living room

Control system

All functions of the Tecomat control system are controlled by the CU2-01M central unit. The Reliance 4 Control Server runtime software is installed on an Asus Eee PC to communicate with the central unit via Ethernet. To view and monitor the control system's functions, a built-in 17" touchscreen monitor is used. The Asus Eee PC also serves as an audio/video multimedia center (the central storage and distribution of photographs, music, films). Also, Reliance 4 Web Client is used to make the visualization project accessible on the Internet or intranet.

Several well-arranged visualization screens displayed on the touchscreen monitor are used to control:

  • Lighting
  • Positioning of blinds
  • Underfloor heating
  • Presence simulation
  • "We are at home" and "Out of home" programs – activation and deactivation
  • Switching based on the ripple control tariff

Examples of visualization windows

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