Visualization and control of building automation systems in a single-family home in the Beskids

May 29, 2014 | Reliance SCADA

The objective of this project was to integrate the technical equipment of the house into one central solution. It is mainly the heating and cooling control system, which is divided into three solutions: underfloor heating, ceiling heating/cooling, and heated towel rails. To prepare hot water for the heating system and domestic hot water, a heat pump is used. Cold water for the ceiling cooling system is pumped from underground wells. Last but not least, it was required that the house be roofed over and the outdoor blinds be controlled.

Control system

All required processes in the house are controlled by one central system, which is located in the control cabinet in the technical room. To continuously monitor the processes, a NUC mini PC is installed in the technical room. This computer communicates with the control system and provides data to Reliance 4 Smart Client, which can be accessed through an iPad or iPhone. The client's user-friendly interface allows the user to monitor the processes and configure the required properties. Access to the visualization of the single-family home's systems via the Internet or intranet is standardly available.

Not only in terms of energy savings, the centralization and control of individual subsystems are now of benefit to the user. They are, for example, the following features:

  • Controlling the outdoor blinds and shades from one place
  • Lowering and positioning the outdoor blinds at a desired outside temperature
  • Raising the outdoor blinds in a strong wind (signal from the weather station)
  • Activating/deactivating the ceiling cooling system at a desired outside temperature
  • Monitoring the dew point
  • Setting PID controllers to output temperatures for the underfloor heating and ceiling heating/cooling systems
  • Blocking the heat pump during the peak period, monitoring heat pump failures
  • Displaying the states of Digiplex EVO detectors
  • Displaying images from IP cameras

The operator's point of view

When designing building interior installations during the construction of the new building, I came to the conclusion that each device was controlled by its autonomous control units, which made it inconvenient when controlling and monitoring the devices. At the same time, I wanted to optimize the heating/cooling system. Therefore, I have approached the GEOVAP company about creating a system for the control and monitoring of all required processes. Today, the installed control system allows me to simply operate and monitor each section of the building interior installations.

I particularly appreciate the following daily operations:

  • Checking and setting values, even remotely
  • Setting the desired temperatures (setpoints) and time programs for each room, even though the underfloor heating system needs some time to start/stop heating the floor
  • Checking the surroundings of the house by integrating IP cameras into the visualization
  • Integrating an electronic security system with the possibility to find out, in case of an alarm, which particular sensor is activated, transfer the information to the centralized security desk, and resolve the situation
  • Controlling the outdoor blinds and maintaining optimal temperatures inside the house mainly in the summertime when the building's heat gain is considerable

– Owner of the house

Examples of visualization windows

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