Visualization and control of the Jindrisska 16 office building in Prague

April 3, 2015 | Reliance SCADA

Jindrisska is a street in downtown Prague. In the past, the building numbered 16 used to belong to Czechoslovak Television.

Today, Jindrisska 16 is the address of a completely restored beautiful 19th century building intended for office use. The restoration project was carried out by the Austrian real estate company IMMOFINANZ Group. The building's control system was supplied by the BUILDSYS company. To visualize and control the building, the Reliance SCADA system is used.

After the completion of its restoration, the Jindrisska 16 building achieved LEED Gold certification, which proves that even a historic property can be energy efficient if the control of its systems is entrusted to the right hands.

Unique space solution with a remarkable lobby

The Jindrisska 16 building's magnificent lobby invites tenants and visitors to its elegant atrium with a breathtaking green wall. This vertical garden with its more than 5,000 living plants improves the air quality and increases humidity. The coexistence of stone, glass, and the green wall reflects the philosophy of sustainability and the harmony of history with current energy-saving requirements. The high-quality security system increases the safety of the working environment inside the building.

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Building's control system

The entire Jindrisska 16 restoration project had to meet the highest requirements. Though the building still retains many of its original features, the technical equipment has been modernized to introduce the first historic certified energy efficient building to the real estate market.

The way the building's interior comfort is controlled is an important factor that contributed to the certification. Moreover, the Jindrisska 16 property is all a little different. Just think about the size of the windows – they're much smaller compared to other modern office buildings. The task was to come up with a lighting control system while meeting the legal standards and, at the same time, keeping energy consumption within limits acceptable to LEED Gold certification. Therefore, a system for lighting control depending on light intensity at a given location is needed here more than anywhere else.

Although it is a historic building, it is essential that the concept of offices be approached in a modern way. The interior of the building is equipped with rather a lot of double-glazed partition walls. The control system is not visible to the average user, but many of its controls and switches are attached directly to the glass so that it doesn't spoil the look of this exceptional interior. For this reason, wireless and battery-free controls are used.

All processes are controlled and monitored by the Reliance 4 SCADA/HMI system installed on the operator's PC. The system can also be monitored from remote locations via Web pages.

The following systems are controlled and monitored

  • System for the control of temperature and air quality in offices
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Cooling engine room
  • Boiler room
  • Lighting control system (DALI)
  • Skylight control system
  • Shade control system
  • Window operator control system
  • Central energy consumption reading system
  • Advertisement control system
  • Facade lighting control system
  • Diesel generator monitoring system
  • Electrical substation monitoring system

Examples of visualization windows

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Jindrisska 16 office building, Prague

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