Visualization and control of De Menken Keuken's production facility in the Dutch town of Sassenheim

September 14, 2020 | Reliance SCADA

Headquartered in the town of Sassenheim, De Menken Keuken (The Menken Kitchen) is one of the largest producers of bread and toast salads in the Netherlands. The range consists of all common flavors and combinations (meat, fish, vegetables). In addition, the company focuses on in-house meat and sauce production.

Control system

In March 2020, the Dutch company Chiron-tec B.V. (in collaboration with the company VHI Koudetechniek B.V.) implemented a new system for the control and monitoring of the entire building of the De Menken Keuken production facility. The system consists of a Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC and the Reliance SCADA/HMI system.

It is used for the control and monitoring of the production facility's:

  • Engine rooms
  • Air handling units
  • Central heating system (it contributes to energy savings)
  • Steam system

The installation can be monitored from remote locations using Reliance Smart Client.

Examples of visualization windows

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