Visualization and control of the lighting system at the French Restaurant in Prague's Municipal House

The Municipal House is situated in the very center of Prague, next to the Powder Tower. The building is among the most important New Baroque architecture with Art Nouveau interiors in Prague. The Municipal House was built from 1905 to 1912 according to architects A. Balsanek and O. Polivka. The original sculptures on the facade and the interior paintings were created by the most significant Czech sculptors and painters of that era (e.g., Mikolas Ales, Max Svabinsky, Josef Vaclav Myslbek, or Alfons Mucha). Since the very beginning, the Municipal House has been a multifunctional building. In the interior, there are many representative halls, the largest and the most impressive is called "Smetanova sin" (Smetana Hall). Congresses, conferences, concerts, balls, or fashion shows are often held in the Municipal House. The Municipal House has been a national cultural monument of Czechia since 1989. Some sections of the building are accessible only by guided tour.

The French Restaurant is located in the stunning Municipal House. The original Art Nouveau interior is well-preserved. The guests of the French Restaurant are "transported" back to the early 20th century. Gorgeous crystal and gold chandeliers hang from a very high ceiling, seating in wooden booths with superb upholstery, wooden tables with crisp white tablecloths and highly polished silverware and sparkling glasses, allegoric paintings on the high walls drawn by Josef Wenig and waiters dressed in the period uniforms. This is the French Restaurant of the Municipal House in Prague. The restaurant is also highly appreciated among professionals for its superb quality of dishes and for the unique atmosphere. The French Restaurant offers the ideal setting for organizing social events like dinners, evening dress dinners, brunches, or banquets. According to the Grand Restaurant (an independent guide to the best and most interesting restaurants), the French Restaurant in Prague is among the top five restaurants in Czechia.

Lighting control system

In 2008, a brand new lighting control system was installed in the French Restaurant. The installation of the hardware part was carried out by GOOLST. The installation of software was handled by S&V ProIB. An intelligent electrical installation system was selected for the reliable control of the restaurant lighting. A CU2-01M central unit is connected to the control computer that is equipped with a touch screen monitor. The Reliance 4 SCADA/HMI system was chosen to control and visualize the new lighting system over the control computer. The Reliance SCADA system handles the control and visualization of selected lights in the French Restaurant using its well-arranged visualization screens displayed on the control computer's touch screen monitor. This allows the employees to simply turn on, turn off, or set up the illumination level of the selected lights from one place (on the touch screen monitor).

The Reliance SCADA system allows turning on/off the lights in:

  • Restaurant
  • Gallery
  • Stage

The level of illumination can be set in five steps (OFF, 25 %, 50 %, 75 %, 100 %) for the following lights:

  • Stage – in-circuit lighting
  • Stage – central lighting
  • Stage – inner lighting
  • Lighting in the restaurant (chandeliers)
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Balcony lighting
  • External lighting of the gallery

Examples of visualization screens

The French Restaurant's lighting control

The French Restaurant's lighting control

The lighting intensity settings

The lighting intensity settings

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