Visualization and control of the HVAC and lighting system at Indoor Games Arena in the city of Brno

Opened in 2001, Indoor Games Arena is located in Kralovo Pole, a borough in Brno. The arena is intended for various indoor team sports, such as volleyball, basketball, floorball, and futsal.

The ECOTERM company was responsible for the implementation of the following systems:

  • Control of the central heating system and hot water
  • Control of the arena's ventilation and heating system
  • Control of the terraces' ventilation and heating system
  • Control of the dressing rooms' and physical therapy room's ventilation
  • Control of actuators for dressing room underfloor heating
  • Lighting
  • Visualization and control of all processes

On the operator room's PC, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system is installed. This system allows the operator to monitor current states of all connected devices and to control the processes in different levels.

Reliance allows the staff to clearly monitor the state of the respective process connected to individual control systems and change the parameter settings.

All processes are monitored and controlled depending on outside conditions and seasons.

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Indoor Games Arena in Brno Indoor Games Arena, Brno