Visualization and control of the HVAC system at Incheba Expo Bratislava

Incheba Expo, situated in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is the nation's principal location for industrial & commercial fairs. The founding of Incheba was inseparably linked with the initial stages of setting up the 1967 Exhibition of Chemical Products. This exhibition was the first of what was to become a tradition of industrial fairs in Bratislava, reinforced by the establishment of the joint-stock company Incheba, on November 21, 1989.

Incheba has subsequently concentrated on exhibition-associated activities, notably exhibition halls and related infrastructure. This forward-looking strategy has created a dependable center, not only for exhibitions, but also for social and other events. The Incheba Expo Park includes 46,600 sq. meters of covered exhibition space, 4,500 parking places and, last but not least, accommodation and catering services available to exhibitors.

The Expo Park displays & events are related to construction, tourism, gastronomy, the chemical and automobile industries, cosmetics, fashion, medical equipment, and the arts.

Control system

A new SCADA-based control system was installed at Incheba to provide the reliable control and monitoring of its exhibition facilities. The Slovak company SQS was responsible for installing the control system in the Incheba Tower. 92 SAUTER EY-2400 PLCs , with 306, 307, 308, 406, RSE, RSK, and ECOS processor cards, are placed throughout the entire Incheba exhibition area. These critical components, together with the Reliance SCADA application, achieve the management's goals.

The Reliance SCADA/HMI system communicates with the SAUTER EY-2400 PLCs using 3 independent RS-485 communication lines. The Reliance application covers the entire Incheba exhibition area, including adjacent buildings (hotel, Incheba Tower, boiler room, etc.).

The Reliance visualization comprises more than 1,000 interactive screens, which – in addition to covering the public areas – include the visualization of four boilers in the boiler room, the distribution of central heating water, the monitoring of the electrical distribution circuits, air-conditioning system, and fire emergency plans.

Examples of visualization windows

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