Visualization and control of the central heating system for the city of Martin, Slovakia

The Martinska teplarenska company was incorporated on January 1, 2002. From its beginning, it has been focusing on the production and distribution of heat and electric power in Martin, Slovakia. The company's heating station operates on the principle of the combined production of heat and electric power, which ensures efficient use of the source and a stable price of heat supplied to the system. Also, the company complies with the current environmental standards. Therefore, heat energy supplied to end customers is environmentally clean, i.e., it doesn't have a harmful effect on the environment where the energy is consumed.

In 2007, the Czech company Teco implemented a new heat control room for the purposes of controlling the hot-water heat distribution system and measuring heat consumption. To control the hot-water heat distribution system, Tecomat TC650 PLCs and CONEL radio/GSM modems were employed. Data from the distribution system is transmitted over a radio network, which consists of three Tecomat PLCs and eight AMiT controllers.

Control system

The control room, which is located in the main building of Martinska teplarenska, consists of one Tecomat TC658 PLC, a PC server with the Reliance Server software, and two other computers equipped with the Reliance 3 SCADA system. The Tecomat TC658 PLC is responsible for data transfer from ULTRAHEAT 2WR5 heat meters using radio and GSM communication. The data is processed by the PLC and then read by the Reliance system.

An additional two Tecomat TC650 PLCs are connected to the control room via Ethernet. These PLCs are intended to acquire data from two sites within the grounds of the Martinske strojirny company, where TECOREG PLCs are installed to control heat nodes according to programmed heating curves. Fiber optic cables are used to connect southern parts of Martin, where the AMiT controllers located at the end consumer sites are monitored, to the heat control room. In addition, each of the nodes is designed to measure the consumption of heat and domestic hot water using ULTRAHEAT 2WR5 heat meters. The resulting values are read by the Reliance system directly at the heat control room.

The control room also monitors the boiler room. The boiler room data is acquired and displayed on the control room's PC. All the process data is stored on the server using the Reliance Server software. Subsequently, the data from the server is displayed on the control room's PCs.

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Heating plant, Martin, Slovakia

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