Visualization and control of the central heating system for the city of Prerov

Prerov, a city in the very heart of Moravia, is located 21 km south-east of the city of Olomouc. It has a population of over forty-five thousand. Prerov is an important transport intersection and home of many major industrial companies. More information can be found on the official website of Prerov.

Control system

In 2004, Energie MaR carried out the installation of a new central heating control system for Prerov, which is operated by the Teplo Prerov company.

The new central heating system controls 32 heat exchangers and 90 transfer stations installed around the city. The heat exchanger and transfer station processes are controlled by the Johnson Controls and Teco PLC devices equipped with I/O modules.

The visualization and control of the central heating system is provided by the Reliance SCADA/HMI system, which was installed on the operator room's PC. This PC is used to control and monitor the heat exchanger and transfer station processes by the authorized operators. Selected employees can display visualization windows on their computers connected to the local area network (LAN). On top of that, visualization windows can be displayed even over the Internet. The Reliance J Web client is used for this purpose.

The monitoring and control system provides

  • Visualization and control of 32 heat exchangers
  • Visualization and control of 90 transfer stations used for the heating and distribution of domestic hot water
  • Logging of all measurements, states, and alarms/events
  • Export of data stored in the database to an external file (e.g., MS Excel)

Examples of visualization windows

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Boiler room

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