Visualization and control of boiler rooms and mixing stations in the town of Kostelec nad Labem

At the end of 1998, gas was introduced into the army barracks in Kostelec nad Labem. Five TECOREG TR200 PLCs and three TECOREG TR300 PLCs were used to control the new boiler rooms.

The TR300 systems are used to control two larger boiler rooms equipped with dual-stage Hydrotherm boilers and one mixing station with four heating circuits of the central heating system. The TR200 systems control the boiler rooms for heating smaller buildings, which are mostly equipped with single-stage boilers and only one or two heating circuits. The TR300 control systems are equipped with expansion modules TECOREG TR322 and ID-04 control panels. Each TECOREG system is then equipped with a display and allows for setting application program parameters at each mixing station.

Each TECOREG system provides

  • Control of boiler operation
  • Evaluation of emergency and malfunction states
  • Temperature control of the water in the heating circuits
  • Gas consumption reading

At the same time, a main control room was built and equipped with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. The connection among the TECOREG systems is provided by the RS 485 line while the connection to the operator's PC is carried out via a serial link through the RS232/RS485 converter.

The visualization is created with the Reliance 3 system. The display and control of the stations can be carried out from the main control room, which can be integrated with the local area network or the Internet. Both the visualization and processing of current or archived data can be monitored from any computer on the network. If connected to the Internet, it can be monitored from any computer in the world.

The main control room enables

  • Monitoring the operational status of each mixing station
  • Modifying basic parameters for each mixing station
  • Displaying emergency or malfunction states
  • Reviewing and printing the history of malfunction states
  • Displaying visualization information and operator login
  • Monitoring each building's current gas consumption
  • Monitoring data from the MT200 heat meter

Implemented by cooperation of

  • RAMAR – the supplier of the electrical equipment
  • TECONT – the supplier of the PLCs, PLC application SW, and control room

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