Visualization and control of a coal-fired boiler at the heating plant of Veolia Energie Kolin

December 11, 2017 | Reliance SCADA

In July 2016, ELPRO Kolin installed a system for the control and visualization of the coal-fired boiler K5 at Veolia Energie Kolin's heating plant. After being successfully tested, the boiler was put into continuous operation in August 2016.

Control system

The boiler is controlled by a Tecomat TC700 PLC and visualized by the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. The Tecomat TC700 PLC allows the operating staff to smoothly control and optimize the boiler processes. The visualization of measured and controlled quantities through Reliance SCADA provides the operating staff with an exact overview of the entire process of heat and hot-water production for residents of all neighborhoods of the town of Kolin. The visualization project is located at the boiler operator site and in the main control room. For security reasons, it is not accessible over the Internet or intranet. The control system can be monitored and fully controlled by using an HMI touch panel located at the boiler operator site.

Examples of visualization windows

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