Visualization and control of the 62MW exchange station at Synthesia

In 2003, a 62MW exchange station was launched at the Synthesia company in the city of Pardubice. The exchange station provides the heating of Synthesia and it is simultaneously connected into the hot-water pipeline of the Power Station Opatovice, so it can be used as a back-up source of the heat. The Reliance SCADA/HMI system along with a Tecomat TC700 PLC were installed for the reliable control of Synthesia's exchange station.

Exchange station

The exchange station consists of two steam-to-water heat exchangers. The powerful water pumps take preheated water from the exchangers into the heated spaces of the company. Also, the preheated water is used for the heating of Pardubice and Lazne Bohdanec.

The installed Tecomat TC700 PLC communicates with two CALOR30 temperature gauges over an RS-485 serial line. The CALOR30 gauges provide the temperature measurement of the two hot-water pipelines. The gauges use a closed communications protocol, which is integrated into the TC700 PLC. Data from the temperature gauges is periodically enumerated and converted to the common file formats according to the IEC standards.

SCADA-based control system

The Reliance SCADA/HMI system provides the reliable control of the entire exchange station over well-arranged visualization windows. The reason the Reliance system was chosen is its wide support of other HW and SW products, which were applied during the implementation. Thanks to Reliance, productivity was increased during the installation and the debugging process was simplified during finalization.

Control system topology

Control system topology

The system is visualized from a control computer located at the Synthesia company.

The visualization screens display

The system also provides the configuration of users' accounts and permissions, control of databases, alarms, and failure states.

  • Main overview window of the entire system
  • Overview window with the regulation of the control system
  • Main maintenance overview window
  • Overview window with the monitoring and control of the temperature gauges

Examples of visualization windows

Visualization window

Visualization window

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