Visualization and control of mill processes in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

November 12, 2015 | Reliance SCADA

In the spring of 2009, a brand new mill was put into operation in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Grain silos are also part of the mill.

The control of the Ulaanbaatar mill's production processes is provided by a B&R X20CP3485-1 PLC with distributed I/O systems. In addition, two B&R PPC720 panel PCs with a 19-inch touch screen and Windows XP Embedded are installed on the wall in the control room.

All processes are monitored and controlled by the Reliance SCADA/HMI system installed on these panel PCs, which enables the operators to have a perfect overview of each particular process. Continuous level sensors, temperature measurement, and 56 AC drives (interconnected through the CANopen interface) are also controlled.

Reliance SCADA provides monitoring and control of the following processes…:

  • Grain cleaning
  • Grain grinding
  • Flour blending
  • Yield system

… and the following machines:

  • Grain dosers
  • Moisture meters and dampeners
  • Hopper scales
  • Roller mills
  • Aspiration filters

Examples of visualization windows

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