Visulization and control of malt production at the Nymburk Malting Plant

For several years, the PROTECO company has been implementing a new enterprise control system for the Nymburk Malting Plant. Most systems in the malting plant are controlled by Teco PLCs. Communication between the Teco PLCs and the control room is provided by the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. The main aim of implementing the new control system was to control all systems in the malting plant.

The new enterprise control system provides

  • Control of the receiving and dispatching departments
  • Control of storing and conveying malting barley and malt from the silos
  • Control of the steeping, kiln, cooling, and weighing processes
  • Control of the processes of separating rootlets and exhausting; control of the cleaning device and cooling baskets
  • Control of the plant's water service
  • Control of the wastewater treatment plant
  • Control of water treatment at the Sadska-Pisty remote station
  • Energy consumption monitoring and load shedding control

Nymburk Malting Plant

Nymburk Malting Plant, source:

The implemented SCADA-based system consists of

  • Seven computers within the main building of the malting plant
  • Two computers for communication with the remote stations (the Sadska-Pisty and wastewater treatment plants)
  • Eight computers with Reliance Runtime View installed for monitoring all significant production parts

All computers in the malting plant are connected to the local network (LAN) and communicate mutually via the TCP/IP protocol. More than one hundred visualization screens were created in the Reliance system to provide reliable control of the malting plant. Most of the visualization screens display a certain part of the production process, the rest of them provide control of the facility parts.

One of the plant's control rooms

One of the plant's control rooms

The SCADA-based system provides

  • Monitoring of the system processes
  • Control of the system processes
  • Generating of alarms
  • Logging of data
  • Creating of special reports
  • Displaying of trends
  • HTML documentation
  • Displaying of detailed information on the malting barley and malt silos (including the monitoring and archiving of temperatures)

The SCADA-based system provides data transfer over

  • RS-485/232 serial link
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • MEM files
  • TCP/IP connection with the remote stations over an ISDN line

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