Visualization and control of chicken meat processing at the PROMT company's plant in the town of Modrice

The meat processing plant PROMT Modrice was established in 1994. After its founding, the company focused on butchery and the production of smoked meat and compound feed. Compound feed for livestock was produced in the remote production plant in the city of Opava. This production plant was separated in 2006. Silagra CZ (the separated production plant) became one of the ten agricultural centers of the Agropol Group holding company. Today, PROMT Modrice focuses on the slaughtering of chickens and the processing of their meat. The meat processing plant in Modrice meets the latest standards in this branch.

At the end of 2003, a new poultry cutting machine was put into service in the PROMT Modrice meat processing plant. The cutting machine was supplied by Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. from the Netherlands. The cutting machine increases the capacity to process chicken by up to 7,000 pieces per hour. The complete reconstruction and installation of the poultry cutting machine, including the implementation of a new control system, was carried out by ELKING from the city of Brno.

Control system

The control system consists of one Tecomat TC700 PLC and one control computer. In the remote switch room, there is a control cabinet equipped with the Tecomat TC700 PLC, power circuits, and drive control circuits. Communication with the control computer is provided over an RS-232 serial line. The Reliance SCADA/HMI system was chosen for the reliable control and visualization of all production processes. Each particular system or production process can be displayed on the control computer's monitor. For example, the operators can control conveyor lines, set up drive parameters, or control the poultry cutting machine. Data from the processes is stored in Reliance's database for further analysis.

The control system was also equipped with an operator panel supplied by the Exor company. This panel is designed for use as a backup control system. This means that the production line can be controlled from this operator panel in the event of a failure of the main control computer.

A picture of the control room

A picture of the control room

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