Visualization and control of the process of blended diesel fuel production in the small town of Milin

September 16, 2013 | Reliance SCADA

Primagra is a joint-stock company that is involved in a wide range of activities both within and outside of the agricultural sector. It is mainly focused on the purchase and resale of cereals, legumes, oil plants, and seeds. Further, the company produces and sells its own compound feeds, vegetable oils, and methyl esters. The company also deals in agricultural fertilizers, agrochemicals, and agricultural implements. Other services provided are: laboratory analysis of feed and milk, professional consultancy in the field of the application of fertilizers and agrochemicals, or automobile transportation.

In 2010, the original oil warehouse was reconstructed and modernized into a tax warehouse designed for the production of blended diesel fuel. This fuel is made by blending mineral oil with canola oil methyl ester. The reconstruction and modernization involved the modification of the process of blended diesel fuel production.

Control system

To control the production process, a Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1004 PLC with IB-1301 and IT-1601 I/O modules by Teco are used. The PLC is connected to the control room's all-in-one PC equipped with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. It is also used to control fuel feed pumps. The Reliance system allows the operator to monitor process states, such as levels, instant flows, or pump states. The PLC communicates with the control PC via Ethernet.

Example of a visualization window

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