Visualization and control of the Hagemann II polymerization reactor processes at the SYNPO company

The SYNPO company was founded in 1952 as a state-owned Research Institute for Synthetic Resins and Coatings and it has been the leading center of applied research and development in polymers ever since. Synpo was transformed to a joint-stock company in 1992. After the transformation, the company started with research for profit. SYNPO is specialized in:

  • Research and development of synthetic polymers, coatings, composites, and adhesives
  • Research and development of polymers used in electronics
  • Application development
  • Process development in SYNPO's pilot plant and manufacturing facilities
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Analytics and testing in accredited laboratories

Source: The website of the SYNPO company.

Control system

In 2003, a new system equipped with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system was implemented to reliably control and monitor processes of the Hagemann II polymerization reactor. Reliance provides control of chemical reactions in the reactor. During the process of polymerization, the following are controlled within the reactor:

  • Mixer speed
  • Temperature of the mixture in the reactor
  • Dosing of chemicals used during the process of polymerization

An extended recipe system was created for the dosing of many chemicals used in the polymerization process. Each recipe consists of two phases: weighing chemicals and boiling chemicals. At first, appropriate chemicals are mixed in the collection tank. Then, the mixture of chemicals goes to the polymerization reactor. The last phase is the boiling of chemicals in the reactor. The mixture is boiled according to the specific recipe created with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. The whole process of polymerization is visualized by Reliance as well.

Reliance provides automatic launching, controls the running, suspension, and termination of every recipe used in the process of polymerization. At the end, a special data sheet is automatically generated and saved to a database. This feature is provided by an external application that obtains data from the database created with Reliance.

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