WAGO Communication Driver

WAGO Communication Driver is intended for data connection between Reliance's runtime software and WAGO devices communicating via Modbus TCP/UDP. The driver implements basic communication functions for reading and writing data.

Starting up the driver

The communication driver is a DLL loaded into memory by the Reliance 4 Driver Server program, which can be launched either as a Windows service at Windows startup or as a standard application at the start of a visualization project. Information required to make a connection with devices is read from the visualization project. After reading this information, communication to all connected devices is activated.

Addressing tags

WAGO systems' memory is divided into three basic areas: inputs, outputs, registers (Merkers). At runtime software startup, the address is converted to the Modbus address. From that moment on, communication is realized via Modbus TCP/UDP.

WAGO programmable logic controller

A WAGO programmable logic controller

Reading data

Data reading is periodic or controlled based on the defined tags, in which case individual communication packets are built dynamically according to data quantity requirements, or based on the communication zones, in which case each communication packet corresponds to one communication zone. The tag value and the data of the communication zone in which the tag is located are always updated together.

Detecting the loss of connection with the device

The loss of connection is detected if the communication driver doesn't receive a valid response Nx consecutively (N represents the maximum number of failed communications). This parameter can be adjusted.

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