SMS Driver

SMS Driver is intended for sending/receiving short text messages (SMS) from/to Reliance's runtime software. Sending and receiving messages is provided by a GSM modem connected to the computer. The modem must be able to be connected to the computer via the RS232 serial interface and must support the GSM 07.05 standard for working with SMS messages. For information about the GSM 07.05 specification, you must register on the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) website. This standard is supported by the absolute majority of the GSM modems.

Watch the video that shows how to send a text message from the Reliance SCADA/HMI system via a GSM modem.

Starting up the driver

The communication driver is a DLL loaded into memory by the Reliance 4 Driver Server program, which can be launched either as a Windows service at Windows startup or as a standard application at the start of a visualization project. Information required to make a connection with devices is read from the visualization project. After reading this information, communication to all connected devices is activated.

The following GSM modems have been tested:

  • Siemens, later Cinterion, now Gemalto: M20*, TC35*, MC35*, MC39*, MC45*, TC45*, MC52*, MC55*, MC56*, TC65*, MC75*, ES75, BGS2T, BGS5T, EHS6T, ELS61T/ELS31T
  • Wavecom, now Sierra Wireless: WMOD2B*

Note: The models marked with an asterisk (*) may no longer be available on the market.

Your GSM modem is most likely supported by the Reliance software even if it is not listed among the above mentioned devices. However, if you still can't make the modem and the Reliance software compatible, you may use configurable AT commands or possibly contact our developers at .

Communication between SMS Driver and the GSM modem is configurable allowing you to initialize and launch the GSM modem in its specifics.

Siemens ES75 and Siemens MC35i GSM modems

Siemens ES75 and Siemens MC35i GSM modems

Sending SMS messages can be accomplished by calling a function from a Reliance script. The messages are passed to SMS Driver. After that, the driver provides sending the messages to the recipient. The status of outgoing messages can be traced (whether the message has been sent or a reason – error code – why it has not been sent).

When the message is received, a user-defined script is run. Consequently, information about the message (sender's telephone number, text, delivery time, etc.) is passed to the script as a parameter. This makes it possible to respond to the received message in a correct way. Based on the delivered text (can contain the name of a device and tags), for instance, you can respond to the sender with text containing this tag's value.

For information about the price, please contact your local distributor.

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