Generic Driver

Generic Driver is a communication driver available with the Reliance 4 SCADA/HMI system. It is designed for data exchange (through a serial port or Ethernet) between Reliance and devices for which a native driver or an OPC/DDE server is not available. Communication with a connected device is realized through special tags defined within the Generic device via the Device Manager. In comparison with its predecessor (External Communicator), Generic Driver is more deeply integrated into a visualization project, so it is easier to use, diagnostics is available, and it is likely to be further improved along with other native communication drivers.

Starting up the driver

The communication driver is a DLL loaded into memory by the Reliance 4 Driver Server program, which can be launched either as a Windows service at Windows startup or as a standard application at the start of a visualization project. Information required to make a connection with devices is read from the visualization project. After reading this information, communication to all connected devices is activated.

For information on how to use the driver, there is an example project, including its description, available for download from this Web page.

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