Elgas Communication Driver

Elgas Communication Driver is intended for data connection between Reliance's runtime software and ELGAS telemetry systems, gas-volume conversion devices, and dataloggers. They are models communicating via the ELGAS 2 protocol
(ELCOR-2, microELCOR-2, DATCOM-2, DATCOM-AMR, miniDATCOM, midiDATCOM, maxiDATCOM, miniELCOR, midiELCOR, maxiELCOR). The communication driver also allows switching to communication mode using the Modbus protocol.

The Reliance Design development environment enables you to import tags and data structures from the Telves configuration environment in the CSV file format.

Communication between the driver and devices is based on the request–response principle. The driver is launched by Reliance's runtime software at visualization project startup.

Starting up the driver

The communication driver is a DLL loaded into memory by the Reliance 4 Driver Server program, which can be launched either as a Windows service at Windows startup or as a standard application at the start of a visualization project. Information required to make a connection with devices is read from the visualization project. After reading this information, communication to all connected devices is activated.

Reading data

Data is read periodically or based on a one-shot request of Reliance's runtime software. When reading periodically, the tag value is updated at a configured interval. One-shot reading is used for tag-controlled data reading. Communication packets are built dynamically according to data quantity requirements. Data writing is based on a one-shot request of the runtime software.

Supported communication functions

  • Read Current Values
  • Write Current Values
  • Read Device Time
  • Synchronize Device Time
  • Read Parameters
  • Write Parameters (gas composition)
  • Read Archive Data (binary, data, and daily archive)

ELCOR-2 and miniELCOR

ELCOR-2 and miniELCOR – gas-volume conversion devices

Elgas – Gas Composition component

The component allows reading, editing, and writing gas composition parameters into a device.

Elgas – Gas Composition

Elgas – Gas Composition

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