Reliance OPC Server

Reliance OPC Server is a Reliance 4 module allowing access to a visualization project's tags via the standard OPC interface. Thanks to this, it is possible to transfer data from the visualization project to end users' information systems (e.g., a customer information system or another SCADA system that is an OPC client and requires data exchange). You can also use the OPC server when it is essential to interconnect two different Reliance projects or projects running in different Reliance versions (e.g., version 3 and 4).

Key features

  • Support for OPC DA 3.0
  • Communication with Reliance's data servers (Reliance 4 Server and Control Server) through Web services
  • Can be run at the OPC client side with no need for using DCOM
  • Can be run as a Windows service
  • Only provides selected tags from a visualization project
  • Includes a monitoring tool for managing Reliance OPC Server

Software requirements

  • Reliance 4.2.0 or later

Reliance OPC Server is part of the Reliance 4.2.0 installation.

Screenshots of Reliance OPC Server

Video tutorial

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