Visualization and control of the ripening process at the Dutch company Van der Lem in the town of Uitgeest

June 6, 2014 | Reliance SCADA

Van der Lem is a Dutch company specializing in the packaging, distribution, and sale of fruits and vegetables. The company's headquarters and warehouse with rooms for ripening bananas are located in Uitgeest, North Holland. The distribution of fruits and vegetables is provided by modern and fully-equipped trucks.

Control system

In the company's warehouse, a system designed to visualize and control the ripening process in 7 out of a total of 28 ripening rooms was installed. The system was implemented by the Dutch company De Laat Koudetechniek.

Each ripening room is equipped with a cooling system, which consists of a fan and evaporator. Cold water is used as a coolant during the process. The cold water is cooled based on ammonia (NH3) cooling in a 2MW cooling system.

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Van der Lem B.V.