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Download Reliance 4.9.0, Update 8

We have released Reliance 4.9.0, Update 8. It is available for download from this Web page. Check out the change log here.

Reliance 4.9.0, Update 8

Reliance Success Story Awards 2020

The registration deadline for the 10th annual Reliance Success Story Awards competition is approaching! You have two more weeks to submit your entry. For detailed information, refer to this article.

Reliance competition

Three new Reliance installations in the Netherlands

Recently, three new Reliance SCADA installations have been implemented in the Netherlands. Reliance has its success stories at SnowWorld Terneuzen, at Zandbergen World's Finest Meat, and at De Menken Keuken.

Reliance Success Story

Reliance in 2020

The Reliance Team is working at full throttle. The system is ready to launch a complex project with over a million tags! Therefore, it is being continuously updated with many new features and enhancements. There's a lot to look forward to!

Reliance in 2020
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