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Reliance 4.8.0 available for download

A new version of the Reliance SCADA system – version 4.8.0 – has been released and is available for download from this Web page.

Reliance 4.8.0 for download

What's new in Reliance 4.8.0

Reliance 4.8.0 is full of new features and enhancements. We have, for example, increased the level of security and improved performance. The major changes are summarized in this article.

What's new in Reliance 4.8.0

New communication drivers: DLMS, IoT, MQTT, SNMP

Four new communication drivers have been added to the Reliance SCADA system – DLMS, IoT, MQTT, and SNMP. For more information on these drivers, refer to our website.

New communication drivers

Videos: License activation and registration

Another two educational videos, which focus on Reliance licenses, are now part of the Reliance website's Video Tutorials section. While the first video shows how to activate a license, the other guides you through the process of registration.

Video Tutorials
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