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2015: The year of explosive growth

In 2015, Reliance SCADA sales reached an all-time high! We would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers. You can find more information in this article.


Reliance SCADA has support for Maatrix

Maatrix is an emergency communication service designed to quickly inform users of both unexpected and expected events. Beginning with version 4.7.2, the Reliance SCADA system has support for this service.


Are SSDs suitable for SCADA?

Solid-state drives are very fast and silent. However, compared to hard disk drives, they have some major drawbacks. For information on these disadvantages and to learn how to properly configure the Reliance SCADA system so that it can run on an SSD, read this article.

Reliance and SSD

GAS – a new distributor for the Middle East

We're pleased to welcome Gulf Automation Systems of Kuwait as a new member of the Reliance SCADA distribution network. As of January 2016, GAS is a Reliance SCADA distributor for Kuwait and the Middle East.

Gulf Automation Systems

Success Story: Three power plants in Nigeria

In 2015, a SCADA-based system for power plants at three locations (Mainland, Luth IPP, and Pabode) in Nigeria was installed. The power plants' gensets are visualized and controlled by the Reliance SCADA system.

Success story
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