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Download Reliance 4.9.0, Update 10

We have released Reliance 4.9.0, Update 10. It is available for download from this Web page. Check out the change log here.

Reliance 4.9.0, Update 8

Video Tutorial: Communication with an OPC UA device

This video will show you how to connect a device with the OPC UA protocol to the Reliance system.

Reliance video tutorial

Success Story Awards 2021

The 11th edition of the Reliance Success Story Awards competition started in January. Submit your entry and win great prizes! For detailed information on the competition, visit this page.

Reliance competition

Success Story: CREAR, Osuna, Spain

CREAR, translated into English, stands for Center for Resources, Learning and Research in the Rural Environment. It belongs to the University of Seville. At the end of 2020, a system for the control and monitoring of the center's smart lighting and fire detection devices was implemented.

Reference Crear
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