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The articles published in Distributor Info are intended to inform you in advance of innovations and new features in upcoming versions of the Reliance system. Since the information included in the articles is strategic, it is not meant for the general public. The articles are only sent to our distributors, important systems integrators, and partners.

sun.gifReliance 4 Smart Client – visualization on mobile devices

Reliance 4 Smart Client is a new client of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system intended for making visualization applications available to the user via Web pages. It is designed for use with smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) which are very popular among users these days. In addition to smartphones and tablets, the client can also be used for any device equipped with a Web browser (e.g., standard PC with a touchscreen).

sun.gifBACnet Communication Driver

BACnet is a protocol designed for communication with building automation
and control systems for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, security, etc. The protocol describes data exchange between objects within a control system's network. For more information on the new communication driver, read this article.

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