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sun.gif WideString and UTF8String Tag Data Types

The Reliance system supports the WideString and UTF8String tag data types. They are string tags which contain characters of the Unicode character set.
The only difference between them is how they are stored in memory. WideString is stored in the UCS-2 encoding (each character represented by two bytes), whereas UTF8String in the UTF-8 encoding.

Unicode Tags
sun.gif Reliance Data Servers - Secure Connection Support

Reliance's data servers (Reliance Server and Reliance Control Server) allow you to make a secure connection with a client (SSL encryption - Secure Sockets Layer). So far, the data servers' Web pages could only be run via the HTTP protocol providing security using the basic access authentication.
Now, a secure connection can be used for these purposes - the HTTPS protocol. In the Reliance Design development environment, the secure connection can be easily activated using the Project Options dialog.

sun.gif Reliance Data Servers – Server Usage Statistics

One of Reliance's data servers' (Reliance Server and Reliance Control Server) functions is to perform usage statistics of the built-in Web server. The statistics are displayed as a Web page in the Server Administration section.
It is designed to display the amount of requests per second processed by the data server and the connected client count over the past hour, 24 hours,
and 4 weeks.

Server Usage Statistics
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