May 26th, 2010


  • License service
  • Text replacement of object properties
  • M-Bus communication driver
  • Controlling serial link parameters via NVT

License service

With the upcoming version of Reliance 4 it will be possible to verify the validity of licenses via a so called License Service. This service provides access to license keys (both hardware and software keys) that are installed on the computer. Communication takes place using the TCP/IP protocol and therefore it will be possible to access license information or to make license upgrade from any computer on the network. With the use of the License service the problem with the detection of hardware key, if connected to a server via Remote Desktop, can be overcome.

License Service will be available from summer 2010.


Text replacement of object properties

A new feature that enables you to modify the properties of objects (e.g. windows, components, etc.) via text replacement was added to the Reliance Design development environment. The text property can be a link to another object (e.g. a componentís link to a tag), localized text or common text. The replacement is done in the new Replace Object Properties Wizard. This wizard can be for example used on selected objects in a visualization window or in the Window Manager (start it via a command from the local menu):

In the first step of the wizard, enter the criteria of text replacement, that is, define what text to look for and what text to replace it with.

In the next step, the wizard displays the list of properties that meet the search criteria, along with the preview of the properties after the replacement. If the text of the property after the replacement does not make sense (e.g. tag does not exist), then the text of the property is marked in red. Prior to confirmation, the user can choose the check boxes from the list to decide over which properties the text replacement should be carried out.

The text replacement of object properties feature is a powerful tool that will accelerate the development of most projects, especially those with similar functional blocks.

This new function will be available from summer 2010.


M-Bus communication driver

The list of Reliance 4 native communication drivers has been extended to include a driver for devices that communicate via the M-Bus (Meter Bus) protocol. This protocol is primarily used by devices designed to measure the consumption of heat and also of water, gas, electricity, etc. The driver supports the SND_NKE communication function for the initialization of communication and the SND_UD2 function for reading current data. Usually, the device is connected via serial port, over the RS232/MBus converter. The Ethernet/Mbus converter can also be used with the Reliance 4 system. For this type of connection, the parameters of serial link can be set using the NVT protocol.

The communication driver will be available from the summer 2010.


Controlling serial link parameters via NVT

NVT (Network Virtual Terminal) is defined as a part of the Telnet protocol. It contains a set of commands that can also be used to transmit commands and settings to a remote device. From the Telnet protocol functions defined in the RFC 2217 standard, Reliance 4 only uses the functions related to setting the serial interface parameters. In this way it will be possible, even at runtime, to change the communication speed or parity of connected Ethernet/RS232 converter (RS485, MBUS). The communication driver can make these changes automatically, by sending a special NVT control command via Ethernet. The condition is to use the converter that supports changing parameters via NVT.

The function will be available from the summer 2010.


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