Visualization of an electrical equipment register

October 5, 2020 | Reliance SCADA

This application shows how to use the Reliance SCADA system in a nonstandard way. The project includes no control system, which means it is not a typical visualization of an industrial process.

The application is designed to record electrical equipment and administer related inspection reports.

The electrical equipment register is divided into four modules:

  • Appliances
  • Machines
  • Power distribution cabinets
  • Other equipment

The modules differ in terms of their function. In principle, however, it is always the same – recording electrical equipment and monitoring inspection dates. Also, online inspections of appliances can be carried out. When the required data is filled out (most data is automatically loaded from the database), an inspection report is generated and then automatically saved to the corresponding folder.

For each piece of equipment, its own profile can be displayed. It contains label information, location and inspection details, etc. If the inspection report is saved as a PDF file, it can be displayed after pressing the button in the application's user environment.

Among other things, the register also provides the following functions:

  • Searching for equipment
  • Filtering by parameters
  • Creating and exporting various lists
  • Adding inspections
  • Generating assignments for inspection technicians
  • Monthly reporting
  • User administration

The entire system is built on Microsoft SQL Server installed on the server in the data center.

The application itself was created with the Reliance SCADA system. It provides a user interface and SQL queries representing the register's functions. More than 160 scripts have been programmed in VBScript for this purpose.

The electrical equipment register allows data transfer between the operator and other persons involved. As a result, electrical equipment administration is significantly streamlined.

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