Teco OPC Server

Teco OPC Server is a communication driver providing data connection between an OPC client (e.g., Reliance) and Teco's control systems. The server implements the OPC Data Access 2.0 interface. In addition to all required functions, it also supports the IOPCBrowseServerAdddressSpace method.

Data transfer

The main server's task is transferring data between linked Teco devices and an OPC client. Memory areas X, Y, S, R, M are available for both reading and writing. Devices can be connected via the RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface or via Ethernet.

Controlled data transfer

The server allows for accomplishing the so-called controlled reading/writing from/to any memory area of the device. This is provided by a special tag included in the device's definition in the server configuration.

Configuring the server

The server provides a user-friendly interface for building up a configuration file. The configuration interface allows for copying, duplicating, editing multiple objects at a time or freely arranging objects into folders.

Teco OPC Server’s screen with sample tags

Teco OPC Server's screen with sample tags

Importing tags

To make it more comfortable when creating a configuration, a function for importing tags from the Mosaic, xPro, and Epos for Windows programs is implemented.

Reading/writing the system time

A special tag allows for reading or writing the device's system time.

Simulating values

A value simulation can be activated for any tag, which is useful, for example, for debugging purposes. For such a tag, a custom test value can be set. Generating random values or incrementing values at a specified interval (the so-called sawtooth) can also be selected. If the simulation is active, the tag quality is set to “Good, local override”.

Teco OPC Server's screen – value simulation

Teco OPC Server's screen – value simulation

The OPC server license is protected by a HW key. Without this key, the server can run as a trial version allowing you to test the server for up to 4 hours. After this time, the server terminates.

For information about the price, please contact your local distributor.

You can download the OPC server for free from here.

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