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Reliance 4.7.3, Update 3

Reliance 4.7.3, Update 3, has been released. This version has a higher security level for Reliance Server, Reliance Control Server, and Reliance Smart Client.

Reliance 4.7.3, Update 3

New communication drivers: DNP3 and DLMS

Based on customer requirements, communication drivers intended for data connection between Reliance's runtime software and devices communicating via the DNP3 and DLMS protocols have been added to Reliance. The drivers will be implemented in the upcoming version of Reliance (4.7.4).


Success Story: Gladfield Malt, New Zealand

Reliance SCADA has – for the first time in history – been installed in New Zealand. Gladfield Malt, a family-run business located in Canterbury, uses Reliance to visualize and control the malting process. The system was implemented by the Czech company PROTECO.

Gladfield Malt

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2018!

Dear customers, dear friends, our sincere thanks for your goodwill and loyalty throughout the year. We all wish you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and a good start to 2018.

PF 2018 from Reliance
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