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Reliance 4.7.3, Update 1

A new Reliance version – 4.7.3 (now in its updated form) – is out with many new features, enhancements, and optimizations that will be appreciated by those who operate large-scale projects and by countless others. The major changes are summarized in the following article.

Reliance 4.7.3

Dynamic links to objects

In Reliance SCADA, it is now possible to define dynamic links to objects, which makes the dynamic behavior of visualization projects more utilizable. For detailed information, read this article.

Dynamic links to objects

Data specific to thin clients

So far, Reliance's thin clients have shared the same values of all tags. However, in some applications, each thin client should have its own values of internal tags. Reliance 4.7.3 knows how to do it. More information can be found in this article.

Data specific to thin clients

Success Story Awards 2016

If you have implemented a Reliance application, do not hesitate and send us a description of the application to take part in the Reliance Success Story Awards 2016. Great prizes are ready to be won.

Reliance Success Story Awards 2016
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