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Reliance Success Story Awards 2015

We are pleased to announce the sixth annual Reliance Success Story Awards competition. Have you installed or are you just installing an interesting application at a customer site? Do not hesitate to send us a description of your application. There will be some great prizes to win. Click the following link to see the results of last year's competition. You can also read about the delivery of the prizes to the winners.


Reliance SCADA can speak human language!

You don't believe that? Using Microsoft's SAPI.SpVoice interface, the Reliance SCADA system allows converting any alarm/event text to speech and playing the speech to the user (operator). More information can be found in the article titled VBScript tip: Converting alarm/event text to speech.

TVBScript Tips

How to connect Arduino to Reliance SCADA

There's no doubt at all that Arduino, the popular open-source platform, moves the world. Did you know that the Reliance SCADA system can communicate with Arduino microcontrollers? You know how? No? Then you should read the article How to connect Arduino to Reliance SCADA.


Success Story: Nippon Express's warehouse in Rotterdam

Nippon Express is one of the global players in logistics and transportation. In 2015, the company opened its largest European logistics center in Rotterdam. We are delighted that the Reliance SCADA system is used to visualize and control the cooling and heating system at Nippon Express's production plant and warehouse.

Nippon Express
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