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sun.gifReliance, version 4.5.1

Reliance 4, version 4.5.1, is free to download from the Reliance website.

Reliance 4.5.1
sun.gifLots of improvements in Reliance 4.5

Reliance, version 4.5 and higher, will be compiled using a new version of the Delphi development environment (Delphi IDE). Thanks to this, users can expect increased performance and security and other improvements. New important features and enhancements are described in this article.

sun.gifReliance 4 Smart Client - visualization on mobile devices

Reliance 4 Smart Client is a thin client of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system intended for making visualization applications available to the user via Web pages. It is designed for use with touchscreen smartphones and tablets which are very popular among users these days and their popularity is rapidly increasing. In addition to smartphones and tablets, the client can also be used for any device equipped with a Web browser.

Reliance 4 Smart Client
sun.gifWinners of the Reliance Success Story Awards 2012

We bring you the results of the third annual Reliance Success Story Awards competition which took place from January 1 to June 30, 2012. In total, there were six installations participating in the competition. Four of them were carried out in the Czech Republic while the other two were realized abroad (Australia and Slovakia). After the deadline, the members of the Reliance Team reviewed in detail all the installations and chose the most interesting descriptions.

Reliance competition
sun.gifSuccess Story: Parks at the City of Mandurah, Western Australia

For most of the year, the climate in Western Australia is hot and dry. Therefore, it requires local governments to provide irrigation systems to sports grounds and parks to keep them green. In 2011, the Australian company Waterman Irrigation, a member of IA-Group Pty Ltd., installed a new irrigation system at the City of Mandurah to control 18 parks.

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