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sun.gif Reliance in Australia

It is a pleasure to introduce Industrial Automation Group Pty Ltd, an Australian company that became a distributor of the Reliance SCADA/HMI System for the Australian and New Zealand markets. There's a special page on our web site dedicated to the Industrial Automation Group Pty Ltd company profile.

Industrial Automation
sun.gif Winners of the Reliance Success Story Awards 2009

The Reliance Team announced a competition for the best Reliance success story at the end of 2009. The original deadline, which was 28th of February 2010, has been extended several times because of great interest from competitors. After a detailed study of all registered descriptions, the competition was finally evaluated last week. Who won and who was rewarded with valuable prizes? Here we are bringing you the final results of the Reliance Success Story Awards 2009.

Reliance Success Story Awards 2009
sun.gif Tip: How to debug Reliance scripts with an external debugger?

Did you know that scripts executed within running Reliance visualization projects can be debugged with an external debugger? Just install any Just-In-Time debugger and enable the debugging of scripts through the Environment Options dialog of Reliance Design. The following article describes how to do it.

Reliance Tip
sun.gif Success Story: Malting Plant Hodonice

The Hodonice malting plant is situated in the traditional agricultural area in the South Moravian region near Znojmo, close to the Czech-Austrian border. In 2009, an extensive reconstruction of the malting plant was carried out. The reconstruction included construction of a new malt kiln and modernization of the building used for germination of barley and installation of the new Central (SCADA-based) Control System. The Reliance SCADA/HMI System has been chosen for reliable monitoring & control.

Sladovny Soufflet
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