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Reliance, version 4.1.2

Reliance 4, version 4.1.2, is free to download from the Reliance website. Check out the most important changes in Reliance 4.0.19 through 4.1.2.

Reliance 4: Using data structures in combination with OPC servers

Did you know that it is advantageous to use data structures in Reliance 4 projects (applications) even if the communication with the PLC is provided by an OPC server? In Reliance 4.0.18, a new option named "Automatically generate OPC ItemID for nested tags" was added for devices of type OPC. This option substantially facilitates defining structured tags. For more information, read this article.

Reliance Success Story Awards 2009

The Reliance Team announces a competition for the best Reliance success story! The competition runs from November 1st 2009 to January 31st 2010. The descriptions of success stories must be submitted by January 22nd 2010. If you want to know more about this competition, please, go on
Reliance Success Story Awards 2009 page.

Success Story: Pacton B.V. (Custom-made trailers manufacturer)

Pacton B.V. is the biggest manufacturer of custom-made trailers in the Netherlands. Its manufacturing plant is located in the eastern part of Holland in Ommen. The company manufactures curt insider trailers, ferry trailers, semi-lowloaders, special vehicles, chassis, backsides and container chassis. The Reliance SCADA/HMI system was installed for testing electrical circuits and brake systems of custom-made trailers.

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