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ISO 9001:2001 Certificate

Based on positive result of certification audit carried out on March 16th 2006 by the T V CZ company, we have obtained certificate of conformity with CSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

Success Story: Visualization and control of the Liben Flood Barrier in Prague

In early 1997, it was decided to build a flood barrier on the Vltava river, which runs through Prague. In 2004, two years after the devastating flood of the century, which swept through Prague, the implementation of the flood barrier was undertaken, built in the Liben docks on the Vltava river. It was finished one year later, in 2005. A new SCADA-based control system has been implemented in the Liben docks in order to provide a reliable control of the flood barrier.

Success Story: HVAC control system of Incheba Expo Bratislava, Slovakia

Incheba Expo Park, situated in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is the nation's principal location for industrial & commercial Fairs. The Expo Park includes displays & events related to Construction, Tourism, Gastronomy, the Chemical and Automobile Industries, Cosmetics, Fashion, Medical Equipment and the Arts. The new central (SCADA-based) control system was installed to provide reliable monitoring & control of the entire Incheba Expo Park facilities...

Matrox: Technology for remote control rooms

Many of you have already had a need of placing a computer into a different room than where the main control room is. The reasons might be various, for example noise, air-conditioning, the need of connecting computer locally with some special device, etc. Matrox company came with a perfect solution, which is able to connect accessories like mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB, etc. into a PC by using a special card and optical cable and place it as far as 250m from the PC. Thanks to this device it is possible to extend the number of plugged in monitors up to 4 pcs.

Industrial Automation Solutions (IAS) 2006

Our exclusive distributor for the Netherlands, Hiflex Automatiseringstechniek B.V., presented the Reliance SCADA/HMI system on the Industrial Automation Solutions 2006 fair, one of the most important Industrial Automation fairs in the Netherlands. The two days of the Industrial Automation Solutions exhibition were a great success. IAS 2006 was the second edition and took place in Nieuwegein (NL) in the NBC Building (Nieuwegeins Business Centre)...

Hannover Messe 2006 Fair Trade

Hannover Messe, the biggest World fair of technology, innovation and automation, was held from 24 till 28 April 2006. The key themes at this year's Hannover Messe was Industrial Automation Energy. The GEOVAP company participated at the Hannover Messe 2006 for the fourth time already. Our stand at Hannover Messe fair was visited by many professional trade visitors from all over the world...

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